Verita is a writer, blogger, Instagrammer, presenter and recycler. Available for freelance work,
Some examples of recent work and media features are listed below.

2017 – Telstra Exchange blog


Cycling Tips – Ella – Weekly columnist 2016-2017
Café etiquette 101
How to get ride ready in 15 minutes
Tips to keep your rubbish off the road
Women’s cycling kits that we love
Sock tips and top picks
Commuting Essentials
Do be this cyclist
Don’t be that cyclist
Survival at AIS selection camp
How to commute like a champ
How to talk like a cyclist
How to talk like a cyclist part two
Tips for travelling with your bike
An Aussie in America reporting from Tulsa Tough
11 days of racing, how to endure, recover and stay safe
Host housing do’s and dont’s
A beginners guide to prepping for a road race
Sometimes you have a bad day
How to prep for a criterium
How to prep for a time trial
Do you have too many bikes
Tips on how to become a morning person
My favorite cycling books
Winter weather wear
What your coffee says about you
Females to follow – TBC
Top 5 core exercises for cyclists
A guide to survive watching the tour
From pre-race coffees to gear checks, Specialized Securitor shares their pre-race routines
Chaos, anticipation and relief: The Warny Feed Zone
Do you have too many bikes?

The Bike Lane – presenter – 2017
SBS’s hit TV show The Bike Lane all about cycling. View all 6 episodes here.

Other features
Cycle like a Girl – In Search of Up
Specialized In Search of Up – my story
Twenty five women prepare to climb the height of mount everest in one ride

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