About me

Former racer, turned race-whatever-I-want-er!

I am a blogger, writer, former columnist for Ella Cycling Tips and have appeared on various television programmes such as SBS TV’s The Bike Lane and Telstra commercials. Available for casting, please email verita.stewart@gmail.com.

This is a blog about my adventures on and off the bike doing the things I love most,  travelling, eating breakfast for lunch, climbing mountains, and looking at pictures of cats on Instagram.

Credit: Paul Spurlo

I am a 30 year old Melbournian who grew up in country Victoria. I moved to Melbourne few years ago to pursue a career in local government, that’s how I fell in love with cycling. When I moved to the city, I vowed never to drive my car again and started to commute on an old steel frame road bike, rain, hail or shine. Before I knew it, I had sold my car and upgraded to a Specialized Crux to start my #commuterlyf.

Commuting is how it all started. Thanks to a colleague who suggested that I join Hawthorn Cycling Club, to meet some people and do some weekend riding, my love for cycling spiralled. It wasn’t long before I had some fantastic people in my life that mentored and encouraged me to start riding a proper road bike, socially and… in a bunch! From there I bought my first proper road bike from Total Rush, a Specialized Amira Pro, started racing and my cycling goals got much bigger. At this point I knew cycling was for me, not just recreationally and as a means of transport, but I fell in love with the competitive side of it too!

Before I knew it, discovered a love of speed, adrenaline and inflicting pain on myself and others, particularly whilst going uphill! Some awesome opportunities came my way that helped me achieve my goals. I was given the opportunity to race in the Cycling Victoria Women’s Development Team, then Total Rush’s Women’s Team and then after 6 months or so of racing in the NRS – joined my dream team Specialized Securitor (now Specialized Women’s Racing). In 2016 raced in the USA as a guest rider for Stans NoTubes/Velo Classic Cycling Team at Tulsa Tough and Tour of America’s Dairylands.

I quit my corporate job, now work at Total Rush, the shop that kick started my cycling career!

A whirlwind career it was, I’ve now retired from NRS racing, choosing to focus on racing for fun and taking on new challenges – such as mountain biking, what a journey its been!

Please get in contact with me at verita.stewart@gmail.com to discuss any writing, sponsorship or appearance opportunities.

Instagram | @lowercasev
Strava | Verita Stewart
Twitter | @lowercasev

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