Three goals, embrace the change

I woke up to a familiar sound this morning. Is was the distinct buuuurrrr of the wind trainer in full time trail mode. It was a strange thing, because, for a change, it was not me that was making a racket. It was not me, red faced, sweating all over the carpet. It was Purdie. Instead of getting on my bike, or the trainer… I was off to the gym. Something that I am slowly embracing – all to kick the three goals for 2015 that my coach set me in the butt… Let’s see how I go – embrace some change.

Goals for 2015 as set by the Super Coach…#1 improve my strength and core strength, #2 embrace time off the bike and #3 improve my concentration.
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#1. The fact that I’m a relative newbie to cycling and coupled with the fact that I don’t have a sporting background means that my general strength and core strength is lacking. A lot. I bob around on the bike worse than anyone I know. Not very efficient. That’s why I have been embracing the gym and why I’m wearing ankle socks. I’m actually quite enjoying it. The gym is a different kind of challenge for me. Like cycling, I like seeing the improvements each week, I like the satisfaction I feel when I complete a set or go up a few kilos in weight. Just like doing a new watt pb on the bike. I’m putting in the time at the moment in the gym, so I’m hopeful this improves with time!
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#2. Now I’m in the gym more, I’ve backed off the specific training that I had been doing. No more early morning wind trainer sessions for me, and not as many hill reps. I’ve had to embrace my rest days, and… actually rest. In the past, my rest days would still involve a 30km commute to work by bike. I’ve had to replace this with catching public transport. Cringe. I hate PT. It takes me longer to catch the train to work than it does to ride, plus it costs me money and my sanity! This aside, I am embracing my rest days and time off the bike… For me, it is all about routine… I’ve now started to walk to the station, stopping to smell the roses, a coffee and enjoy some people watching. It is doing me good in the long run… Even if I go a little batty.
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#3. People that know me will understand how hard #3 is for me. I’m fidgety. I struggle to concentrate on one thing at a time. I can’t even watch TV for longer than 10 minutes! I get too distracted. Getting distracted and not concentrating are all things that can be your downfall as a cyclist. Get distracted = miss the winning break. Don’t concentrate = lose time in a TT. Short of doing a Sudoko puzzle every day to train my brain, I’m working on it. Learning to focus and concentrate. Let’s just say that of all these things, this is going to be the hardest for me and new years resolution. I’m not sure how to measure it though…maybe if I can watch a TV show from start to finish?

Bring on the rest of 2015! I’ve had a flying start with lots of racing over summer… Now to get prepared for the rest of the season with even more things happening on and off the bike.

I won’t be at Adelaide Tour this year, but will be ready to get my climbing legs on for Mersey Valley Tour at the beginning of May.

Until next time, get on your bike and ride it!

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