The final hoorah at Lake Como

After our little adventure in Bormio, we headed to Lake Como for some R&R – well that is what P thought we would be doing.

I wanted to cram in some more climbing. We pedalled a little, up the Madonna del Ghisallo, up a 17% average pinch called Mur di Sormano and even pedalled in Lake Como – a pedal boat. But we also ate ice-cream and pizza, and relaxed. Como was my favourite part of the trip, and was definitely the last hooray.

I don’t have many more words, so here are some photos instead:

IMG_6758 IMG_6779 IMG_6795 IMG_6797 IMG_6805 IMG_6750 IMG_6728 IMG_6807 IMG_6809 IMG_6814 IMG_6818 IMG_6825 IMG_6871 IMG_6867 IMG_6858 IMG_6835 IMG_6831 IMG_6875 IMG_6876 IMG_6880 IMG_6888 IMG_6897 IMG_6956 IMG_6949 IMG_6942 IMG_6929 IMG_6900 IMG_6957 IMG_6979 IMG_6975 IMG_6968 IMG_6966


All photos taken on my GoPro Hero 3+ camera with LCD screen and all the attachments! #gopro #vsport. You can follow me on Instagram @lowercasev to see more photos.


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