Sayonara car, it has been expensive and fun

Two things. Cars are expensive and I ride everywhere. We all know this and you all know this.


I used to drive my car a lot. In the country, you do.

I live in the city now, so I ride my bike, a lot. I don’t actually need a car.

The car has become a very expensive thing in my life, it rivals what I spend on cycling! The bloody car ends up costing over $500 a month, just to have it sit in my driveway, gathering dust.I pay registration, $712.10; roadside assistance, $90.25; insurance, $1467.72; and not to mention tyres; servicing at about $1500 per year; petrol each month…the list goes on. It is one expense that I do not need, I would rather channel the savings into something else, like my trip to France in July…or a TT bike!

So, motivated my the financial saving I’d make, I’ve sold it. Sayonara car! I can hear the gasp…how will I get my groceries home from the supermarket? Geezuz, I will survive. There are options for getting around, like public transport, or car pooling, or riding my bike. Like I do already, every day, rain-hail-shine.

I’m going to be better off financially, environmentally, and mentally. I’ve made room in my life…There is a spare spot, right!? TT bike?


Good on me.


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