It all begins again, 2014


Thank god that’s over. The festive period that is.

I always feel like the Grinch at this time of year, I’m not a huge fan, too much who-ha. It seems never ending, mine elongated by my birthday placed rather inconveniently two weeks after Christmas. I’ve just get over NYE and then it’s all on again.

I had a fun few days over the christmas period, pedalling my way through the festive 500. Lets just say that it was filled with lots of flat, hot roads keeping me occupied and still having to fit in regular training makes it harder (the 500) than usual.



So now it is January – I’ve just come off the hangover that was 2013, it was a big one – with a million new people, places, things, bikes in my life and now it is over, it is time to regroup and start to think about my 2014.

I’m rather looking forward to it.

New Year’s resolutions always seem a bit hollow, so I’m not really making one. Though, I do think that this is a good time of year to reflect on the good, bad and look forward. I was reading somewhere that people are more likely to keep a New Year’s resolution is if the resolution is vague. I guess it is easier to break a specific goal than it is a vague one. So I’m going to make some vague personal goals and see where it leads me. In saying that, my last goal, to quit diet coke was rather specific, and I have achieved that fine. I’m 6 months clean of Coke. And my internal organs are better off for it! Let see…

1. Save more. This will lead in to goal 2. And 3. I have zero savings. I spend all my hard earned cash on food, rent, internet, bikes, teeth, nail polish. I need to start saving. I’ll try to cut my impulse buys and expensive buys – in particular, I’ll have to cut out one of my favourite treats. Tamar Valley Yoghurt. I can get through about 6-10 of these per week and at about $3 a 230g tub, they’re very, very pricey. $18-$30 per week, $936-$1560 per year, yep, I could use that cash elsewhere. I’ll have to limit myself to one tub per week. $150 per year, isn’t so bad!

2. Travel more. Again, something that requires $, but is worth every penny! I’m heading over to France/Italy/Austria in July for a cycling holiday, can’t wait. I’ve never been to Queensland or Western Australia. I’d like to get there this year too…

3. Get a TT bike. This is not a vague goal at all. I just want a Specialized Transition sooooo badly. Funds saved from eliminating expensive treats will only partially assist. Home Brand here I come!

Looking forward, it will be a big year for me on the bike again. I’ll be racing NRS with Total Rush Women’s Team. We kicked the year off the year with a bang. The team raced Mitchelton Wines Bay Crits. I had work commitments, but got to race Stage 4 at Williamstown. I lasted all of 12 minutes, but had the unbelievable opportunity to race with some of the big names in Women’s Cycling.

On SaturdayI tackled the Australian Road Championships Road Race. I did not specifically train for Nationals, I only really decided to race it a month ago. And I exceeded my own expectations – I thought I’d last 3/4 laps… Well I lasted 7!!! Stoaked! One year ago I would have ever even considered racing Nationals!

And next week, on the 19th of January the team and I will be racing with the pro’s once again at the Santos Women’s Tour in Adelaide. I can’t wait!!!

Then it all starts again!

The Victorian and the National Road Series… Lots of racing for me this year!

So many exciting things to come in 2014 bring it on!

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