October Obsessions

Here are my obsessions from October.

1. Climbing Mountains. Not that fun sometimes, but the view and endorphins are worth it.


2. Riding along the beach, in the sun. Just divine.


3. Presents from friends. I’m very spoiled. I get pink things brought back from around the world. #pinkismycolour.


4. Cycling Victoria Women’s Development Team (mates). We raced NRS togher this year, rode up and down mountains togther. But that is all. Finito for 2013. It was fun!


5. Polka dots. Aren’t they cute!


6. Speedplay pedals. They are great, though, note to self. Oil more frequently or you will break a spring, then ride one legged all the way home!


7. Ryvita’s. I used to obsess over 9 Grains. These are way better – super crunchy!


8. New Cons. I’ve always wanted a pair of white Cons. Finally did it.


9. Sunscreen. I sweat like a mofo, and off comes the sunscreen. MUSt reapply!


10. These sexy ladies. Park vibes. Can’t wait for summer to hurry along.


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