September obsessions





Here is what I’ve been obsessing about in September:

1. The view. How could you not stop to soak this up for a second?

2. Sam Miranda Prosecco. It is almost summer, which means, prosecco time.

3. Bhing Mihng, Victoria Street. Vietnamese food to die for. Shredded tofu salad. Delicious.

4. The rain. Over it. Thank god it is spring.

5. The long way to work. Some sneaky kilometers on a rest day is hard to avoid when you have perfect weather on the boule!

6. Wrinkle hands. I have hands like my nan. I would not want them any other way.

7. Wandering. I usually wonder on a bike. Sometimes I wander on foot!

8. Sock season is almost over. I’ve been savouring sock moments.

9. Friday nights. Who could beat them, especially when your chair is a hot rock.

10.  Helmet tan. This appears every year. It only gets worse.

I can’t wait for summer. Warm weather, no rain and Hawthorn Crits – get on it.

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