What I’ve been obsessing about in July

July came and went pretty quickly this year. As always, I’ve been obsessing over things. Here are my top 10 for July:

1. Adventure. Half the fun of riding your bike is in the journey, the adventure. There is something special about, just getting on your bike and riding it. Like riding in the rain and snow. You can’t let winter hold you back, even if it is snowing. In saying that, I’m looking forward to having no chillblanes and being able to ride in a short kit. I can find adventure in summer too!image-4
2. Sun. Bring on summer, riding along the beach in summer is the best. Spring is here. Summer is coming shortly!photo 3
3. Commuting. I commute to work on Candy Crux 8km every day. I never get any Strava cups, I just cruise. It is my mental health time. I can’t ever imagine driving, or even catching PT to work. I’ve ridden almost every day (apart from two days) to work this year. Rain, hail or shine. I’m better for it.
photo 2

4. Boule Wednesdays. The SC takes us out on a Wednesday for a Bould smash fest. I’ve grown to love them, despite the sweat and pain that is inflicted upon us. I look forward to Wednesdays now, smash the Boule and smash away the humpday blues.

5. Chocolate. Like sesame snaps, gets me every time. I have no will power.

6. Blossom. My parents have an almond orchard in Eldorado. In spring, the orchard is in full blossom. I love coming home to see the trees covered in white, like the snow. It makes me miss home.

7. Toni. This cat loves kisses. Dad cops the brunt of her love. I harrass her too much.

8. Palate cafe, 132 Geville Street, Prahran. Awesome coffee, awesome food. Enough said.

9. Specialized Roval 40 Wheels. So light, aero, as most importantly, FAST. Don’t ride anything else. They are so special, they get the front seat treatment when travelling!

10. Winter is almost over, but one thing that got me through were these DeFeet Slipstream shoe covers. I wear them when training, racing and commuting! They keep my tootsies warm when my fingers are freezing off! #pinkismycolour

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