What I’ve been obsessing about in June

I have been obsessed with a heap of things this month. Mostly weather orientated. Undersandable, because it is freaking cold and I’m a woos. I can’t handle it. On the quest to keep warm… These made the top 10.

Piccalo coffee from Rush Cafe
Like a latte, but miniature – like me. The miniature part, not the latte.


I love my phone. It is an extension of my hand. So you will understand my horror when I smashed it. It still works thank god, the screen is somewhat shattered. Whoops.
Note to self, secure phone properly in pocket before TT-ing at 36km/hr down High Street.


The weather
I’m obsessed with the weather, mostly with the temperature. I look up the Bureau of Meteorology observations every day. I even graph the observations. I’m really obsessed with the temperature drop that happens from about 6am -7am. Everyday, between 5am and 8am the temperature drops about 1-2 degrees (coldest when the sun rises between 6-7am and we’re out training) . By 8am the temperature starts to rise again, I’m already on my way to work, with no feeling in fingers and toes!


The Spin Room – Watt Bikes
It is good to know that when the weather is terrible (raining) there is a dry place to go to train.

photo 1

Sesame Snaps
I’m in love. Snappy goodness of sesame seeds, sugar and yoghurt. Try some, they’ll change your life!


Tiamo’s – Lygon Street, Carlton
My friends and I go to Tiamo once a week together. We all order the same thing. I order eggplant parmigana. The best eggplant parma in Melbourne. No kidding. Try it. You’ll go back every week, like I do!


My team car
This pink car follows me around everywhere. I’ve seen it all around Melbourne, from Beach Rd to Preston, even as far away as Kyneton. Pink is my colour. Total Rush need one! Just say’n Simon.


These ladies
Introducing the glamorous ladies in my life, that are like family to me. I spend all my non-bike time with them. Sometimes even my bike time (they like to spectate crits). They keep me sane. I love them more than words can describe.


Specialized wool socks
My feet are ALWAYS cold. These have helped improve the warmth of my toes . They are amazing. So much so, I wear them to work sometimes. They’re not itchy, not too thick…but are toasty as.


Fresh sheets
There is nothing better than getting into bed on a cold night with fresh sheets. Something very satisfying and really only lasts once. If only  I could be bothered putting fresh sheets on every day!


These are some of the things that have kept me occupied for the month of June. Lets see what July has to bring.

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