Melburn Roobaix 2013 same same but different

A lot changes over the course of a year… Doesn’t it?

I’ve gone from blonde to brunette, moved from Collingwood to Fitzroy, sold a bike and bought a bike, made new friends…you get it, shiz changes.


Some things don’t change. Like the Melburn Roobaix. It is the same.

Well, that’s a lie. In fact… exceeding the forecast 3 ¼ % GDP growth, this year’s Melburn Roubaix was probably at least 10% better.

Better cobbles, better bidons, better beer stops, better outfits….The only thing the same as last year was the bike that I rode, and the fact that FYXO put on an awesome event again.

Get on your bike and ride it: across cobbles and bluestone, over mud and grass, on concrete and channels, through the backstreets of Melbourne.

Kudos to Andy and his crew. Awesome event, as per.


Strava stats – ave speed 13km/hr! Wish I had the cadence data!

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