My Obsessions from May

My obsessions for the month of May

Assos arm and leg warmers
It is winter. It is cold and I have finally found a pair of arm and leg warmers that do it for me. They fit my skinny arms with out falling down, they are not itchy, they are not too thick. They are warm, dry fast and are tight. Perfect! I love them. Did I mention that they are warm? (just don’t dry them on a panel heater…They melt).

At work I am the recycling guru. I love recycling. Do the right thing and use the right bin!

Nike shoes
I’ve bought some new kicks and these I have not taken off my feet. I wear them to work now as well as around about town!

My collegue always has mints in her desk draw. I always eat them all when she is not in. I always replace them.

Floral Pants
I bought these on sale a few months ago, but I love them and wear them every opportunity I can get. Soooo loud and out there.

Mt Buffalo
Everytime I go home to Eldorado, I make the excuse to dissappear for a few hours and ride Mt Buffalo. I love it. I’m setting myself up to beat my PR on the climb. I MUST GET UNDER 1 HOUR.

The old booga rag as my dad says. I never leave the house without one!2

Vegge Bar
House salad with a samosa. Thats what I order, at least 2 times a week. Delicios.

I bought a Cyclocross bike to commute on in December 2012. Candy, my Specialized Limited Edition Stybar Crux is a great everyday ride and doubles as my cx bike. I’ve only raced a couple of cycloocross races, but they are out of this world and sooo addictive. I only do cyclocross for fun. But is the perfect outlet for a few laughs and spills. Get one. It will change your life.

The view from my apartment
I moved here with my new housemate 4 months ago. This view is to die for. I love waking up in the morning and looking at this view over Fitzroy. Often dotted with hot air balloons, it is bloody amazing. Look up.

Until next time… Get on your bike and ride it.

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