Beetroot bonanza begins, I’m back on the juice…and off the junk

Righto. So. I’m still anaemic. Thats a fact. It is something that has been affecting my energy levels for some time now. It is probably contributing to my general lack of motivation as well. I’m trying to get on top of it. Namely by taking supplements, when I do remember. Which is, well, intermittently. The doctor injected me in the butt with Iron and B12 to try and forcefully push my Iron up.

I guess me telling you all that is pretty irrelevant. But I really have to pull my finger out and start taking my health a little more seriously. My skin is terrible at the moment, a symptom of the crap that I have been ingesting. So. I’m going to do two things. Which I will pledge here. Please hold me to it.

1. Clean up my diet. I will eat good food. I will avoid sugar, Caramello Koala’s and the like. I will limit my alcohol consumption and do Dry July. I will TRY to avoid drinking all things labelled with diet coke or coke zero – i will TRY.
2. Look after myself a better. I will stretch every night. I will take my supplements. I will listen to my body.

I’m back on the beetroot band wagon as a spur to start to only put things in my body that are good for me. Beetroot is one. High in nutrients, and especially nitrates, BRJ is good for reducing blood pressure, improves muscle efficiency blah blah I’ve told you before.

Tonight I made my favorite salad. I call it “Beetroot Salad”.

So easy I don’t have a recipe. It is full of good nutrients and superfoods, just what my body is craving.

Just get some beetroot, spinach, green beans, walnuts, feta, red onion and balsamic vinegar. Chop what you need to, mix what you need to, then put them in a bowl together and serve with your favourite beetroot juice beverage.

photo 1

photo 2

I’m back on the juice. Lets see it improves my cycling performance. After being off the juice for a couple of months now, it will be a good test as to if BRJ does do anything.

I did okay in the ITT at Northern Combine 3DT. Lets see if BRJ does anything for me at the Northern Combine ITT in 2 weeks… Watch this space.

For now I’m going to get on my bike and ride it. Ingest, digest, good fresh food and eat no more junk. Ever. I promise. (with the exception of Sesame Snaps)

One Reply to “Beetroot bonanza begins, I’m back on the juice…and off the junk”

  1. Good luck with your ‘health kick,

    Preventative stuff is alway last on my priority list, particularly over the warmer months when there is nothing better to do than be out on your bike in the sunshine racking up the kms and therefore being able to eat whatever you want!

    Now that the weather has turned cold/wet like it has it’s a good chance to focus on the little things – plus with all that beetroot at least your pee will match your bike/kit!

    Oh and good luck with Dry July. I know my limits so I’m not even going to bother atempting that one.

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