Helmet, get one, then put it correctly on your head

This is just a quick note to remind everyone on how important it is to wear a helmet. And wear it correctly. Every time you ride your bike. So I binned it. Bumped my head on the asphalt, which put a crack in two sections of my beloved S3 helmet.

Verita and Helmet
Fig. 1. Me saying goodbye to my cracked S3. Wah.

After my crash, I rode straight to TR and bought a new S-Works Prevail helmet. Don’t quibble about the price, because how much is your head worth. I’ll speak for myself, mine is worth a lot. I use it every day. My new helmet is super light and fits my head well. Make sure yours fit your head well and correctly. Check the owners manual to find out how. My owners manual looks like this.

how to fit a helmet long copy
Fig. 2. My owners manual.

For your helmet to be effective you need to be a) wearing one, b) fitted correctly and c) without damage. Mine was all of these things, yet it still cracked – because it was doing its job. Absorbing shock, and protecting my head.

Have you looked at your manual? I’m not going to tell you how to fit your helmet, check it for yourself. But do it. Now. Make sure its on properly. You don’t want to be one of those daggy people with a helmet that is too big, too small, hanging on the back of your head, with too long straps, with the straps not done up, without its shell, with bumps, dirty and well just, plain uncool.

Just get on your bike and ride it, with a helmet, correctly fitted.

photo 2
Fig. 3. There’s more padding in the box of my new helmet, than in the helmet itself. Yet it is still so bloody comfy!
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