Get rid of some superfoods put them in a traditional Australian biscuit

Today is ANZAC day. With ANZAC day, comes ANZAC biscuits, among other things.

Read about the other things here, they are important (but not to this recipe).

Fig. 1. Fresh out of the oven.

The ANZAC biscuit I remember was rock hard and sweet. Not that there is anything wrong with that. There is a long tradition associated with the humble ANZAC. Wives and girlfriends made these biscuits to send to them to their loved ones in WWI, they needed to be rock hard and full of sugar to withstand the long transportation times.

I made ANZAC biscuits today, not because I’m a wife or girlfriend of a soldier. But because I felt unusually patriotic…And had some random amounts superfoods to get rid of, oats and chia.

These days, we don’t need to send them anywhere, so they don’t have to be full of sugar, or rock hard. You can adapt the traditional recipe, make it however you like.

I like mine, not like they’ll last 100 years, and a little more nutritionally acceptable than the traditional kind. You can make them vegan, low-fat, low sugar, gluten-free, add ingredients, subtract ingredients and make them as hipster as you like.
Hipster ANZAC biscuits

Start here by getting together your ingredients.

90-100g low-fat faux butter. I used nuttalex.
3 huge tbs blobs of golden syrup. In Woolworths it is located in the baking isle…and apparently not the same as Maple Syrup.
3/4 tea spoon of bicarb soda
1 tbs hot water. Nan tells me hot water works best
1 cup rolled oats. Gluten free option use quinoa flakes (credit: Jo Hogan, Healthy Cyclist)
1/4 cup chia seeds – or there abouts
1 cup shredded coconut
1 cup plain flour
1/4 cup brown sugar, loose

Make them by:

Weighing the faux fat out and place it in a something that will allow you to melt the fat. I got some radiation poisoning and put mine in the microwave. But before you turn iridescent green, blob the golden syrup into chosen receptacle. Microwave till it is runny. Get the sugar and add it. Get the water and bicarb and put it together in something so that it is dissolved. Add it to the radiating sugar – fat mixture.

Get all the dry ingredients and put it in a mixing bowl. Mix together. Get your sugar – fat mix and add it to the dry. Mix. Put the oven on to 180 degrees.

Once combined, get the dough and spoon out balls and put them on a lined baking tray. Lined because you don’t want the biscuits to stick. But if you would rather save a tree, just lightly oil a tray – like I do.

Biscuits now go in the oven. I don’t know for how long, just check them every now and again (refer Fig. 1.). If they’re black, you’ve gone too long. If you are bad at baking, like me. Stay next to the oven. Don’t go and clean your bike. Because charcoal, although good for cleaning teeth, also gives you cancer. Not great.

Turn the kettle on, get a tea bag put it in a cup. Or get your moka, fill it with coffee and put it on the stovetop.

Brown? Get them out, wait for them to cool, or don’t.

Put the water from the kettle into the cup. Steep. Make it how you like. Or do your coffee thing…see Fig. 2.

Get a biscuit or two and eat it, it will change your life.  Enjoy the superfoood benefits of Omega 3, cholesterol lowering fibre and protein, your body will thank you for sure. And your hipster friends will be impressed with your mad baking skills, if you choose to share them.

Fig. 2. Serving suggestion.

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