My April obsessions

I get obsessed easily. Very easily. Here are my vices for April.

Lululemon Puffer jacket
I’ve wanted a puffer vest for ever. Finally I decided that I was old enough to wear one and stumbled on one that I LOVE and I have barely taken it off. If I didn’t sweat so much, I’d wear it to bed.

Lululemon Puffer Vest

Karen walker earrings
I love cats. End of story. Put them on your own ears.

Karen Walker

Macbook Pro
How did I ever live with out it? I almost love it more than my bike. Jokes. As if.

MacBook Pro

I can’t get enough of spreads at the moment. I have to try every single one available. Peanut butter, jam, honey, Vegemite – you name it, i’ll spread it! My favourite spread selection is of course my own pantry. But otherwise it is at SoJo in Ozford St, Collingwood. Spreads spread on fruit toast are the best. Yes, even Vegemite. Get on it.

Supacaz Bar Tape
The best bar tape I’ve ever laid my hands on. It is super comfy, smooth and sticky and so easy to clean. It comes in a range of colours. But my favourite by far (shock horror) is Total Rush pink.

Don’t judge me, but I’m obsessed with the good old “selfie”. I take mine in the lift.  They ain’t going in the Archibald Prize, but I love them anyway!


Melbourne is the street art capital. Look around and you will find. There are so many, they make me smile.


Rooibos tea
I drink this Vanilla Rooibos tea everyday. Caffine free… Not sure if it is a bonus or not? Nerada makes the best one, but there are other brands.


I’m a cold person, so wear socks everywhere, all the time, I sometimes where 2 pairs. The more patterned the better. I’m obsessed with Happy Socks. My feet have them on right now.


Ass Savers
An emergency mud guard that will save your ass from backspray. Get one TR have them in stock in all colours. It will change your riding life. No more sitting with a wet bum at work.


Untill next month. Get on your bike and ride it.

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