Gee I love riding my bike, and not riding my bike too….

I have had the best 4 day weekend in a very long time…The question is what the hell did or didn’t I do?

Well, I didn’t buy those Karen Walker sunglasses I’ve been eyeing off. I did roll down beach road with N, and have lunch at Two Birds. I didn’t get a parking permit, but did get a parking fine. I did do some hotdog training in 40 degree heat, did eat burgers, go to a fashion show, smuggle vodka into the Carlton Club, and did flail all night.

Day 1

So I didn’t get enough sleep, but did the Total Rush Shop Ride with one eye open, Skinny didn’t, his alarm was ‘faulty’. You’ll be pleased that I didn’t get a tattoo (don’t ask), I do want one though. I did get new Speedplays, and some new flavoured gels. I did swim at the beach…I never do and I did drink 1.25L of diet coke the only hangover cure. I did go down Brunswick Street and didn’t buy one thing! I did eat my fave DOC pizza for dinner with EJ, and did see Great Expectations, it was just okay.
Day 2

I did race the SKCC crits and did come 2nd in C grade! I didn’t enjoy the post-race roll along Kew Boulevard, though I did enjoy brunch. I did get my nails done in pink, white and black and did see a cat who bit my foot. I didn’t like the Moomba crowd, or the heat for that matter, but I did enjoy the company, and post crowd Vegge Bar with Meg. I did love the a/c in my apartment and didn’t have an early night.

Day 3

I did get up at the crack of sparrows, and was sweaty at 7:30am. I did ride to the Dandy’s with a bunch of fast ladies, got a PB up the 1:20, and rode sky high. I didn’t enjoy the heat, sweat or the hills on the way home. I did go dress shopping, though didn’t fine one – the wedding is on the weekend!  I did buy some bananas and beetroots too, and did have a little nanna nap. I didn’t clean my flat, or do my life admin, but I did wash my work clothes at 12:00pm at night, though I definitely I didn’t iron them.

Day 4

I did ride my bike a lot this weekend, but did a heap of other things as well. Gee I love riding my bike, and gee, I love not riding my bike too!

Phew. I need a weekend for my weekend.

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