Meet The Watermelon – Elan Triathlon Bicycle

I came across this steel frame Triathlon bike on eBay in December 2011. I had to have it. $400 later, it was couriered to me from Adelaide, its alleged birth place.
“Elan was Pulteney Street Cycles [Adelaide] own brand from around 1986 until around 1993, when they ceased trading in South Australia….The Abeni, Europa, & Elan, were quality lightweight steel racing frames built in-house in Australia, by Abeni” (taken from:

The Watermelon came to me in pristine condition. She was purchased by her precious owner in the 90’s and only raced a few triathlons before being shelved once babies were born. I have not raced a triathlon, and probably never will, so this Australian made beauty will live out the rest of her days being ridden around and about town and will eloquently serve its purpose as a bloody awesome specimen of a bicycle.

the watermelon

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