Get a Bike Fit. It’s not a new fitness fad, it’s better!

Wah wah, I’ve got a sore knee.

Simon says, get a Body Geometry Bike Fit. So I did. And you know what, it has changed my life. I feel like I have gained more power, more comfortable on the bike and imporved my pedal stroak. I also went from the Hunchback of Notre Dame to, I don’t know…the opposite!

What did they do? Well, Luke at TR tweaked my seat height (put it up), changed my saddle shape (went from a Specialized Oura to a Specialized Ruby), moved my cleat position (including putting in spacers in my show) and fitted me with Speedplay Pedals (to bring my ankles in line with my knees). He also slammed the hell out of my stem to put me in a more agressive position – which I’m loving!

Figure 1. My position before the BG Fit- right image, my position after the BG Fit- left image

So, get a Specialized Body Geometry Fit from Total Rush, Richmond. It’ll give you more power…. and superpowers!


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