If I don’t turn into a beetroot, I’ll at least ride really fast

I love beetroots. They are delicious, but don’t eat too many, they will turn your pee red and you will be freaked out. Below is a post about something that is fascinating me at the moment. If it plants a seed in your mind, great. Because the seed in mine is starting to grow.

Disclaimer: Ok so, I am not in any way qualified to make biology related comments, so do not ever take any of this content literally. The accuracy of information can’t be verified, so do yourself a favor and do your own research before eating a beetroot or buying an overpriced bottle of beetroot juice.

In conclusion beetroot may or may not be a performance enhancing substance. Make your own conclusions.

So blood doping is banned in professional sport. So why would a cyclist blood dope? Good question. The answer is I don’t know: I can’t read a person’s mind or know their personal motivations, but it can increase athletic performance, and that in itself is tempting enough, to some. Could beetroot be a non illegal alternative?

Enter not-so-accurate Biology lesson 2. Don’t take it for face value. Note again do your own research.

From what I can gather blood doping, in whatever form is a method of increasing the red blood cells’ (within your body) ability to carry oxygen to the muscles. Having a higher amount of red blood cells, means your body is transporting oxygen around your body more efficiently and can dramatically improve your aerobic capacity and fight off fatigue

The whole thing about your body needing oxygen and red blood cells to improve aerobic capacity and fight fatigue is very interesting.

My iron/anemia issues ultimately come back to how well the oxygen is transported around my body. And with no iron, the oxygen is not transported efficiently, so I feel ordinary… and sweaty.

Hello beetroots. No. I’m not kidding. (google it, it’s very interesting).

I’ve always loved them. They’re my favorite root vegetable by far. But a friend recently highlighted their value as, natures EPO. Check out my beetroot cupcake recipe in previous post!

Beetroots are high in nitrates. Like I mentioned above nitrates work to relax and widen blood vessels. This increases the body’s aerobic metabolism, increases blood flow to organs and tissues and delivers increased oxygen and nutrients to muscles. My athletic performance should improve because I need oxygen to pedal faster – the more oxygen, the faster you will pedal – right!?

Enter Beetroot shots. They are 30mls of concentrated beetroot juice that work like a nutritional gel, and they are packed with Nitrates.

I’m going to test them out (always read the label peeps); hopefully they’ll increase my blood and oxygen flow to my muscles and hopefully help me to perform better…until my anaemic sitch is sorted…

More info on what is Nitrate here

More info on Beetroot Juice here

Beetroot juice that I’m trying here


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