Some not-so-convincing reasons why you should cycle

I cycle everywhere: to work, to the pub, to the supermarket, I ride hard and I ride up hills, I ride slow, I just ride. You should do it too. It is fun. Here’s why:

  • You won’t have to drive or park ever again, you will be way less stressed than if you road raged your way to work
  • You won’t have to pay for parking or pay for petrol, its expensive…think of all the lycra you can buy with the savings
  • You will meet hot bike boys/girls on the road, bike path romance – been there done that
  • You will always be at the front of the traffic queue, just skip through the traffic and beat the cars. You can race them at the lights!
  • You will have sexy helmet hair, all the hipsters are doing it, just ruffle your mop, and go
  • You will get to exercise for free, why pay for an over priced gym membership when you can burn 600 calories per hour on the bike
  • You will save the environment by not producing any carbon emissions, except for the emissions from breathing of course – so hold your breath
  • You can park anywhere you like, footpaths, indoors, in the way of people etc.
  • You will look like a hipster, just roll up one pant leg, wear skinny jeans, a floral/hawiian shirt and don’t smile even though you are loving life on the bike
  • You can legitimately wear lycra to a cafe, just make sure that it fits you properly and is not ugly
  • You can drink as much coffee as you want, thats all cyclists do, other than cycle

Enjoy your bike or get one, it’ll change your life.
And if you have any other reasons, let me know!

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