There is more to life than bikes, apparently

Brain dump… So…

Cycling goals for 2013: to ride with my friends, to cycle more, to race and to keep up, to do Tour of Bright. And. To be fitter, faster and fearless.

The only way to do this is to get out on my bike. But it is bloody hard, cycling is time consuming, I don’t have much time… between family, friends, and work, i’m time poor…I love doing non-bike things just as much as cycling, but how can I improve if I can’t get my butt in a saddle… and why do I feel so guilty when its not (in the saddle)?

I recently read on Cycling Tips about the “two-and-a-quarter” rule.

Basically the 2 & 1/4 rule is based on the notion that we can only be focused on two and a quarter things at a time.

  • 1 point being work
  • 1 point being family, partner, friends etc etc
  • 1/4 point being what you are into. Eg. cycling, knitting, driving race cars, whatever… So this makes it hard because i’m into lots of things, but, most prominently – life (my friends and the shiz we get up too) and riding my bike.

Re the poits and quarters – I feel like “life” takes upmost of my only spare quarter…infact quarters of quarters, going out, eating out, acting out…and what part of that quarter can be filled with taking the “bike” out?

I often think, how committed am I to cycling to be able to achieve my goals, how much of my life can I realistically commit to bikes, how much is dedicated to life? Can I sacrifice more? This thought depresses me a little.

The more and more I think about it, who am I kididng, I’m not an elite athlete, I just want to be involved and do the best I can with what I’ve got, I want to improve. I love my life, and everything that goes with it, I like spending time with my friends, spending money on needless wants and  make the most of life as much as I can.

So as Cycling Tips says… I have to look at where I am taking points from in mylife, i.e. work or friends or family, and is it really worth it, can I actually sacrifice more? The answer is no, I can’t.

I think life and cycling go together. Its just how I balance it that counts. I can get to where I want to go doing both. Sometimes I just have to deal with the guilt of not being on the bike, and remember I’m having the fucking time of my life at the moment, thanks to bikes… and the awesome people in my life.


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