1/4 life crisis, it’s a legitimate crisis, right?

Today is day one of my 25 year old life.

And bhoy, did it start off on a shaky note.

I blame the alcohol shakes on drinking too much Sangria the night before and the sight of day old sangria soaked fruit in the sink turned my somach! I could not face the sink. So I put my sporty, i’m not hungover clothes on and escaped the mess by having brekkie with friends.

So I eventually came too, and realised it was not just the sink, flat was a mess too…. I cursed the Sangria again….& I cleaned.

Napoleon needed some fresh air after cleaning the mess, so he dragged me out for some fresh air and we slowly rode to Black Rock. We stopped off at the Brighton Beach Boxes for a rest. I blame the Sangria.

Got home, had a huge nap. I blame the Sangria (getting the trend).

Went out for Birthday Vietnamese with friends, hydrating Noodle Soup is just what I needed. No more Sangria. EVER!

What a day! I’m now 25.

The end.

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